cat_vaccinationDr Gavin and Dr Fraley are experienced Veterinary Doctors that work to keep your pet in optimal health. These doctors care as much about the health and the welfare of your pet as you do. It’s very important to find the right veterinarian to treat your pet. This is because your pet is an extended member of the family. Pets bring great joy and love to their owners, but they require lots of care and responsibility.

For example, just as is the case with humans, pets need to be checked up. Typically, there will be several times of year that a veterinarian should give the pet a check up. If the pet is affiliated with a great vet clinic, then the staff will schedule the pet’s check ups throughout the year. They will probably not only send notices, but they will call your home to remind you of the pet’s upcoming appointments. Bringing your pet regularly to South Crossing Veterinarians will allow the vet to diagnose potential problems with your pet early enough to possibly prevent the problem.

miaYou can find the right Veterinarians at South Crossing Veterinary Center Grand Rapids veterinarians. We will make sure that you and your pet are very comfortable with both the office, and the experience of the visit. Our front lobby is very clean and fresh. Animals are not running around wild, or on their own since we schedule appointments for your convenience. Our staff is caring, gentle, friendly, and attentive.

The best thing to do is to visit a few Grand Rapids veterinarians. Make sure to take your pet with you. This way, you can get a good sense for yourself regarding what is going on, and if you feel that you and your pet have found the right office. If your pet seems relaxed and comfortable, and if you feel that the vet office is the right place for you, then you can proceed with your visit. You should get some forms to sign. This is standard procedure for any office. These forms will detail information about you and your pet. These will be used to create a medical chart for your pet. This way, the vet will be able to get a survey on what the needs of your pet are, and what issues they might be struggling with. Even if your pet is completely healthy, your vet can forecast any impending issues that might be unique to your pet type and your pet breed.

South Crossing Veterinarians are the best professionals for your pet. Not only can they heal a sick pet, but they can inform you of ways to keep your pet healthy. We can even advise you on training programs, and any other resources that will make your life with your pet a pleasant one.