boarding_staffBoarding Services / Daycare

At SCVC we strive to provide the best out-of-home-care for your pet. We know that nothing can replace your home environment but we try to make our guests as comfortable as possible. A unique feature of SCVC is that each animal actually gets to go outside for a 10-15 minute walk twice a day. Most boarding facilities only move your pet to another indoor confinement area. We do not allow dogs to run loose with other animals unless they are from the same family and we have your permission. We see far too many physical and Psychological injuries from facilities that allow group “play”. Additional play times are available for your pet’s favorite “sport” or just some one-on-one cuddling. We offer baths and nail trims (as well as some other things we know you don’t like to do). For animals with special needs such as food or medications, our kennel staff is ready willing and able. Full medical care is available for your animal if the need arises for your peace of mind.

We do require all animals to be current on Vaccinations, and free of internal and external parasites before boarding. Many of our guests arrange to have all their preventive care taken care of while staying with us to help reduce the number of things you have to do in your busy day.

Boarding Agreement – Download & Print Form

Boarding Medical Release – Download & Print Form