general-surgeryAt SCVC we perform all types of general surgery that may be necessary for your pet. Some of the types of procedures we perform here at SCVC are:

• Spays, neuters
• Abdominal Surgery
• Skin repairs
• Tumor removals
• De-claws
• Dental surgeries

Specific types of surgery such as bone surgery, neuro-surgery and eye surgery are best performed by Veterinarians specifically trained and equipped for these procedures. We maintain a referral network of Veterinary surgeons that can provide the best care possible if the need arises.

We have a fully equipped surgical suite with an array of monitoring devices to maximize the safety to your pet. We monitor Heart and respiratory rates, EKG, Blood pressure and blood oxygen levels while under anesthesia. With a complete in house laboratory we can perform pre-surgical testing immediately before to assess anesthetic risks and increase the safety of surgery to your pets. Post operative pain management is an important part of healing. Research has shown that when pain is controlled in animals after surgery they heal faster with fewer complications. LASER surgery helps to minimize the trauma of surgical incisions, and various combination of drugs can be employed to reduce pain immediately and when your pets return home.

Surgical Release – Download & Print Form